Furman: Education on Purpose

Furman delivers a purposeful and transformative education in the liberal arts and sciences that integrates experiences inside and outside the classroom. When you transfer here, you’ll be able to take the knowledge you've gained from faculty mentors and apply it to immersive experiences in research, internships and international travel. These experiences will help you refine your goals, enhance your skills and knowledge, and ensure you're prepared for a fulfilling career.

— Meet Allyson Brown —

So you want to transfer to Furman? Excellent choice!

My name is Allyson Brown, and I am an Assistant Director of Admission and Coordinator of Transfer Recruitment. My five years at Furman working with transfer students have taught me about the supportive environment that Furman provides. Our small population of transfers means that our services are catered to you. From Housing to Student Life to Athletics, our community is happy to assist you with your transition.

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Student Blogger, Megan Probst '17
Megan Probst is a transfer student from King, N.C. She says, “My intended major is somewhere along the lines of biology, neuroscience, psychology, or English so, still working on that. As you can see, I am incredibly indecisive and slightly on the sarcastic side. My area of expertise lies in the greatly underrated area of 90s television shows. Although my journey at Furman has just begun, I am very excited to experience all of the amazing things this university has to offer and I can’t wait to share my burgeoning story with all of you!”

— Greenville, South Carolina —

— 100% Residential —

Senait Gordon '17

San Antonio, TX
Sociology and Philosophy

I’m an Army brat, so as you can imagine, I’m comfortable moving halfway across the country. I didn’t take advantage of that when I graduated from high school. I picked a school where I could stay at home and commute to campus every day. A few months later, I realized that I wanted to transfer. I needed a different environment.

One of my friends attends Furman, and I visited a few times before I considered applying. The first thing I noticed was the campus. It’s beautiful here. The school’s academic programs and classes also intrigued me.

What I love most is the relationship you have with your professors. Unlike other schools, the professors here know your name and care about your academic performance. Furman faculty push you outside of your comfort zone because they know you can do better and succeed. That’s why so many Furman students are prepared after graduation.

When I was applying to college as a high school student, I was focused on choosing a school that wanted me. I didn’t consider whether the university was actually the right fit for me. When I decided to transfer, I didn’t focus on costs, or what recruiters were telling me. I wanted to find a place where I would fit in for the next few years.

I looked everywhere. In-state schools. Out-of-state schools. And private colleges. At each place, I visited and talked to faculty. Furman’s professors made the biggest impression on me. Rather than selling me on their program, they were more interested in establishing relationships with me.

As cliché as it sounds, Furman is family. You’re more than a just another student in the crowd. I can get outside of my comfort zone and take classes that I wouldn’t have been able to take at a larger school. Here, I feel like I have a purpose.

Logan Campbell '17

Easley, SC
Music Education

Emily Wilson '17

Chattanooga, TN

I fell in love with Furman’s size. Since I was transferring to a new school, I knew it would take time to adjust and meet new people, especially since most of my new classmates established friendships as freshmen. Furman’s size made the transition easier. I met people quickly and didn’t have any trouble finding a student organization to get involved in. Even as a transfer student, you can really make your mark on Furman.

Furman requires students to live on campus for four years—and I love it! That means everyone has an opportunity to get to know each other. You can always find someone to hang out with or help you with your studies. The academics here are rigorous, but we help each other through it, and everyone bonds during midterms and finals.

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Select the date that works for you, and apply online at commonapp.org.
For more information, visit furman.edu/apply.

Option 2: Fall Semester

  • January 15*: Deadline for application submission
  • March 1: Decision notification
  • March 15: Financial aid notification
  • May 1: Deposit due for enrolling students
  • July 1: Final transfer application deadline for fall semester

Option 1: Spring Semester

  • November 1: Deadline for application submission
  • November 15: Decision notification
  • December 1: Financial aid notification
  • January 5: Deposit due for enrolling students
* Any applications received after March 1 will be reviewed on a space-available basis. Transfer applications will be accepted through July 1. However, students applying to transfer from non-U.S. universities must apply by the deadlines above.